Mobile Semiconductor: Committed to Memory

Mobile Semiconductor is the only memory compiler IP vendor delivering low voltage, ultra-high speed, multi-megabit, high density and rad hard memory architectures. Silicon-proven memory compilers and memory instances are developed with Mobile Semiconductor’s highest level of industry expertise.

Mobile Semiconductor customers differentiate their products by using our application-optimized SRAMs to meet their high performance and ultra-low power product requirements.

Mobile Semiconductor’s Trailblaze™ software rapidly generates complete memory compilers and instances for a broad range of market segments, applications and industries including Smart Phones, Wearable devices and the Internet of Things (IoT). Targeting commercialradiation hardened and custom-developed applications, Mobile Semiconductor’s optimized memory solutions set the standard as best-in-class for the silicon IP marketplace.

Mobile Semiconductor’s customers use our low power SRAM compilers to generate embedded low power memory. Our memory technology extends battery life in devices such as hearing aids, low power Bluetooth, wireless mesh network sensors, and wearable technology.