Custom Solutions

Mobile Semiconductor is the only memory compiler IP vendor delivering low voltage, ultra high speed, high density, multi-megabit and rad hard embedded SRAM solutions. Our customers differentiate their products by using our application-optimized SRAMs to meet their high performance and ultra-low power product requirements.

Mobile Semiconductor’s proven expertise includes low voltage and ultra high speed embedded SRAMs, radiation hardened SRAMs, and error correction (ECC) architectures. The innovative Trailblaze™ software has been proven across multiple foundries and technology nodes, producing industry-leading reduced die sizes.

Our highly experienced management and technical teams develop optimized embedded SRAM compilers and instances along with extensive design flow support. Mobile Semiconductor has a proven track record in delivering best-in-class embedded memory solutions for a broad range of applications, market segments and industries.

Mobile Semiconductor’s custom solutions include:

Mobile Semiconductor’s optimized, embedded SRAMs also have the option to include the Trailblaze™ Built-in Self Test (BIST) Compiler for seamless integration of verification.

Custom Commercial Solutions

Mobile Semiconductor’s highest level of industry expertise has been implemented using TSMC, SMIC, IBM and GLOBALFOUNDRIES technologies. Trailblaze™ software solutions have been produced across low power and standard 28nm, 45/40nm, 65/55nm, 90nm 150nm and 180nm technology nodes. Let Mobile Semiconductor develop the optimized memory IP you need to quickly bring your next product to market. Find out how…

Custom Rad Hard Solutions

Mobile Semiconductor applies proprietary design techniques to meet stringent radiation hardened criteria to deliver optimized, embedded SRAMs in area-efficient die sizes. Mobile Semiconductor’s radiation hardened solutions meet leading aerospace and defense corporations’ radiation hardening standards. Let Mobile Semiconductor bring you the optimized, rad hard memory IP you need to quickly bring your next product to market. Find out how…