Mobile Semiconductor’s embedded SRAM technology offers optimized memory solutions for GLOBALFOUNDRIES 22nm FDSOI processes. These single-port SRAM solutions are available in a range of architectures:

  • High Speed (HS) and Ultra High Speed SRAM (UHS)
  • Low Voltage (LV)

Mobile Semiconductor’s proprietary design and layout techniques are applied to all architectures to optimize performance while keeping die size small.

  • Low voltage (LV) SRAM use high VT devices to minimize leakage currents with limited standard VT devices used when required and a dedicated retention mode providing industry leading low standby currents. The low standby current of Mobile Semiconductor’s LV memories are ideal for the IoT market.
  • Single-port ultra-high speed (UHS) memories use low VT and optional super-low VT devices to optimize the critical path and enhance performance while limiting static current. Ultra high speed (UHS) memories use the high performance bit cell. High speed (HS) memories use the high density bit cell.


Mobile Semiconductor’s optimized GLOBALFOUNDRIES 22nm FDX process embedded single-port SRAM solutions are under development in the low voltage (LV) and High Speed (HS) architectures.

To ensure high manufacturing yield, the Trailblaze™ software utilizes GLOBALFOUNDRIES standard 6T bit cells and is consistent with GLOBALFOUNDRIES Design for Manufacturing (DFM) guidelines for the 22nm FDX process.

Mobile Semiconductor Optimized GLOBALFOUNDRIES 22nm FDX Architecture Trailblaze™ Compiler Name
Single-Port, Low Voltage SRAM SP-LV-GF22FDX
Single-Port, High Density SRAM SP-HS-GF22FDX
Single-Port, Ultra High Speed SRAM SP-UHS-GF22FDX