Mobile Semiconductor’s silicon-proven embedded SRAM technology offers optimized SMIC 90nm low-power process SRAM solutions.

Mobile Semiconductor’s proprietary design and layout techniques are applied to all architectures to optimize performance while keeping die sizes small.

Single-port high density (HD) memories use low VT and standard VT devices to optimize the critical path and enhance performance while limiting static current.

SMIC 90nm LL

Mobile Semiconductor offers an optimized SMIC 90nm LL-process single-port high density (HD) embedded SRAM solution.

In order to ensure high manufacturing yield, the Trailblaze™ software utilizes SMIC™s standard high density 6T bit cells and is consistent with SMIC™s Design for Manufacturing (DFM) guidelines for the 90nm LL process.

Mobile Semiconductor Optimized SMIC 90nm LL Architecture Trailblaze™ Compiler Name
Single-Port, High Density SP-HD-SM90LL

Custom Solutions

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